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About Medical Precision Plastics

Medical Precision Plastics Inc. was formed in 1993 as the successor to a company started in 1977 to provide extruded plastic products to the diagnostics industry. ISO Certification was approved in 1999, with continued recertification, assuring others that we are committed to providing quality products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Because customer satisfaction and quality is our main focus, our company policy clearly states for all to see:

"Quality is Everyone's Job"

MPP has two product categories, Medical and Commercial, and serves a variety of markets both domestic and international. It is best known for its line of disposable (single use) transfer pipettes Dropstirs™ provided to the clinical chemistry market. The product was developed over 40 years ago at the same location we are in today. It is estimated that over 6 billion of these pipettes have been used worldwide in the last 40 years. Many of our customers rely on our rapid turnaround. They treat our delivery standard as an extension of their own warehouse.

In its continuing product evolution, MPP developed a line of Printed Dropstirs™ that takes the next step in accuracy and repeatability.

Although less known for its custom extrusion side, all of MPP's current customers enjoy the same level of quality, traceability, and commitment enjoyed by our Dropstirs™ customers. The custom extrusion market is more diverse than the Dropstirs™ side, participating in markets as far away as Europe, Japan, Central and South America, Australia, South Africa, Asia, and India. Currently, MPP provides tubing for chemical, pharmaceutical, and various commercial accounts.

We manufacture and market the largest selection of pipette sizes in the industry, in either stock or custom sizes to meet your specific needs. We are leaders in the field of tubular kit components and can also supply: Double paddle stirrers, microfuge tube scrapers, custom counting and packaging to meet your requirements.